Client relationship

Client relationship

Our benchmark: Availability, active listening, communication in the client’s language, accuracy, pragmatism, reply to e-mails within 24 hours, manageable costs.

Ever since GOFFIN VAN AKEN law firm was founded we follow the same approach of our activity: A high level of accuracy and perfection in order to find and realise pragmatic solutions in the client’s interest.

Based on mutual understanding and confidence, we are focussed on our clients and involve them in every step of the proceeding, be it a decision to be taken rapidly or rather a strategic, long-term decision.

Innovating, exploring, making the client’s interest our own, executing and explaining in a comprehensive language and appealing to common sense are values that describe our way of exercising our profession.

For each client we provide the following services:

•  Full and complete analysis of the affair. Your lawyer has to know all circumstances of the affair, facts and personalities of the persons involved, company practices etc. in order to find the best possible solution.

•  We are available in order to establish a real relationship of trust:
-  Reply to e-mails within 24 hours,
-  Availability by phone during office hours,
-  Communication in the client’s language lient,
-  Meeting at our offices, or upon request at the client’s place.

•  Finding pragmatic solutions is our strength together with a partnership-like relationship with the client confirmed by:
– Detailed propositions in order to facilitate the decision-making that are not limited to theoretic legal discussions,
– Workable propositions based on experience, legal creativity and permanent monitoring of new rules and case law.

• Manageable and foreseeable costs: The client receives detailed information of our rates at the beginning of the mandate. GOFFIN VAN AKEN law firm takes into account the specificities of each case and is able to adjust and customize the costs accordingly.