Family and patrimonial law

Family and patrimonial law

Family law

We provide advice in all matters relating to family and inheritance in a professional and human manner.
– Divorce,
– Change of matrimonial regime,
– Break-up and financial interests between spouses,
– Child Custody
– Alimony,
– Division,
– Filiation,
– Adoption,
– Civil unions,
– Legal questions relating to same sex couples,
– Name change,
– Legal safeguard of persons (guardianship, tutorship, advisership, protection mandate),
– Inheritance law (settlement and distribution, with or without court proceeding)

Banking and Finance.

We treat the following matters between bank and client: consumer loans; real estate loans, foreclosure proceedings, responsibility of the bank) etc.

Criminal proceeding

Together with the client, accused or joint plaintiff, we establish a strategy for the criminal proceeding. In this area, the firm has special experience relating to assault or manslaughter.