International Affairs

International Affairs

International Commercial Law

• Drafting of legal documents relating to various areas of Commercial law

• Drafting and negotiating of international contracts (Sale, Service, Delivery, Financing, Licence, Partnership, Building, Knowhow and IT-agreements, general terms of business, corporate law)

• Advice to foreign companies regarding their activities or investment in Belgium, Luxembourg, Brazil, Portugal, France or the Netherlands

• Support and advice for the establishment of foreign companies in France and of French companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Brazil or Portugal

• Advice concerning and drafting of corporate documents: articles of association, minutes of meetings of shareholders

• Legal advice in French, European and International Civil Law

Obtaining enforceability decision and enforcement of foreign decisions


International Patrimonial and Family Law

• Matrimonial property regimes and marriage contracts: matrimonial property organisation with regard to international law issues, especially the choice of matrimonial regime and the law applicable to the marriage contract

(International) Law applicable to inheritance and donations

(International) Matrimonial and civil union law

Filiation and paternity

International Adoption

International Divorce

Alimony law

Custody law and right to visit

International child abduction