Labour / Employment law

Labour / Employment law


At the request of its clients, we do not only draft employment agreements in accordance with current regulations but also adapts to the requirements of the company in particular regarding hours of work, mobility, non-competition clauses etc. If necessary, we also take care of drafting amendments to the employment agreement.


Enforcement of the employment agreement

We advise our clients on any difficulty related to wages, working hours, paid leave, change of workplace, internal rules, occupational health and safety, discrimination, moral and sexual harassment.


Termination of the employment agreement

We support companies as well as employees regarding dismissal (for personal misconduct, medical unemployability, inadequacy), redundancy, negotiated termination of the agreement, judicial termination of the agreement, resignation, settlement agreement etc. We also represent our clients before labour courts in order to defend their interests.


Discussions with employee representatives

We assist your company in matters of staff representation, works councils, delegates, union representatives, health and safety committees etc.