Passeport talent : residence permit for a foreigner with a work project

passeport talent titre de sejour

Are you a foreigner (except EU and Algeria) and plan a business project in France? You can be entitled to apply for a multi-year residence permit called “Passeport talent”.

In order to develop its economic attractiveness, France created a specific passport for foreigners who have a business project that is likely to contribute to the development of France.

The residence permit “Passeport talent” was called “Compétences et talent” before 2016.

It is a French adaptation of the “EU blue card” created by the European directive 2009/50/CE of 25 May 2009.

The EU blue card was developed to compete the American green card and to attract highly qualified employees in Europe.

However, if the blue card exclusively targets employed person, the issuance norms to obtain the “Passeport talent” are less restrictive and are in the interest of investors or self-employed persons.


The objective of “Passeport talent”:  simplify international talents to settle in France

Eligible applicants for the “Passeport talent” take advantage of the fast track procedure.

Hence, having an easy access to a committed department at the prefecture.

In addition, the concerned persons are exempted to apply for a work permit (as mandatory) from the DIRRECTE.

The companies that employ the “Passeport talent’s” holders also benefit from the facilitated process

Whether it is your first time in France or you are already living in the French territory, you can claim the “Passeport talent” residence permit

If you claim for this permit as an employee, your employment contract’s period has to be at least 1 year.

If your employment contract fixes a term between 3 month and 1 year, you should claim for a long-stay visa.


Who can lodge an application for a residence permit “Passeport talent” ?

More often, the permit “Passeport talent” targets foreign investors (except the UE and algerian citizens) who have a business project in France.

This facility concerns several categories of profile:

  • Entrepreneurs:

You have a real business project in France.

You must hold a degree at least equivalent to a master’s degree or to prove at least five years of professional experience at a comparable level.

  • Qualified employees:

You hold a French university professional bachelor degree (« licence professionnelle ») or another French university degree at least equivalent to a master’s degree.

Your employment contract provides you an annual salary at least equal to 36 509.20 € gross.

  • Highly qualified employees:

You must justify at least 3 years of higher education or 5 years of comparable professional experience.

Your annual salary has to be at least equal to 53 836.50 € gross.

You participate in your company’s research and development project that was recognized as innovative by a French public body.

Your annual salary has to be at least equal to 36 509.20 € gross.

  • Employee on assignment:

You are an employee of a foreign company. You come to France to work for a company that belongs to the same international group of companies as your employer.

Your employment contract signed with a French company has to provide you an annual salary of at least 32 858.28 € gross.

  • Researchers:

Are concerned those who come to France with a research or higher education mission.

You must be qualified to at least master’s level and justify the convention signed with a public or private research organization.

  • Innovative project’s creators:

Only the innovative economic projects recognized by a public body allow to claim for a residence permit “Passeport talent”.

You have to justify the sufficient means of subsistence, at least 1 521.22 € gross per year.

  • Legal representative of a French company:

You are a legal representative of a company settled in France.

You have worked as an employee or a corporate officer in a company of the same group for at least three months.

Your annual remuneration is at least equal to 54 763.80 € gross.

  • Investors:

You can invest personally by acquiring at least 10% of a French company’s capital or via the company you are running or in which you hold at least 30% share of the capital.

This investment must be at least up to 300 000 € and allow to create or to preserve the jobs in 4 years after the investment.

  • Artists, writers or performers:

You work as a performer or have created a literary or artistic work.

  • Person, internationally renowned:

You acquired an international reputation in the scientific, artistic, literary, intellectual, sport or educational field.


You can find the detailed information about the documents to provide and the procedure to accomplish here.


Practical questions :

  • The duration of the residence permit “Passeport talent”

“Passeport talent” is a multi-year permit with a duration of up to 4 years, renewable.

If the permit holder is an employee, the duration of the residence permit is identical to the duration of his employment contract.

In case of unemployed when your permit is expired you can claim for a renewal for a duration equals to the duration of your unemployment benefits.

  • The cost of the permit

The total cost of the “Passeport talent” permit is 269 €.

This amount is settled at the time of delivery of the card.

  • And what about my family ?

The spouse and kids up to 18 years old of the permit holder can claim for a residence permit of a family member “Passeport talent (famille)”.

This family members’ permit expires along with the permit “Passeport talent”.

The spouse of the holder of the ”Passeport talent” permit is allowed to work as well.


Thus, if you fit one of the profiles above-mentioned, you are eligible to claim for the residence permit “Passeport talent”.

We advise you to be assisted by a lawyer specialized in the international law issues.

The lawyer will guide you through the entire procedure, provide you the much-needed help while collecting the necessary documents and will represent you before the consular authorities and the prefecture.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact your lawyer in Strasbourg.


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