Family law lawyer in France

Avocat droit de la famille Strasbourg

Lawyer in family law and people in France

Your lawyer in family law and people in France accompanies you in all the legal aspects that affect you personally. It can be the family’s intimate domain (divorce, children, succession, etc.) and your finances. We are also at your side in case of criminal prosecution (contraventions, offences, crimes).

Family law

We provide advice in all matters relating to family and inheritance in a professional and human manner:

  • Divorce
  • Change of matrimonial regime
  • Break-up and financial interests between spouses
  • Child Custody
  • Alimony
  • Division
  • Filiation
  • Adoption
  • Civil unions
  • Legal questions relating to same sex couples
  • Name change
  • Legal safeguard of persons (guardianship, tutorship, advisership, protection mandate),
  • Inheritance law (settlement and distribution, with or without court proceeding)


Banking and Finance.

We treat the following matters between banks and clients :

  • Consumer loans
  • Real estate loans
  • Foreclosure proceedings (enforced execution in particular in real estate)
  • Responsibility of the bank, etc.

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Your family law lawyer in France accompanies you in all the legal aspects of your personal life.