Lawyer in France specialized in Real estate law and construction work

Avocat Strasbourg Droit immobilier

Your lawyer in France in real estate law and construction will accompany you in all aspects related to the protection and development of your heritage. He can advise you when acquiring or building your House or apartment. Your lawyer can also defend you in all types of disputes in relation to your property (rental disputes, neighbourhood conflicts, construction defects, malpractices, challenge of permits, co-property disputes, etc.).

Real estate sales litigation

Difficulties can arise in the context of a real estate sale. This can lead to the responsibility of the seller, the real estate agent or the notary. Your lawyer in France specialized in real estate law has developed a special competence in this field. We will be able to effectively defend the interests of clients who have been abused during a real estate sale.


Litigation within a co-property

The life of a co-property is often punctuated by conflicts. Our law firm can act upstream to prepare with the customer the General Assembly of the co-owners. It also intervenes downstream in case of proceedings before the Tribunal.


Construction disorders/non-conformity defects

Any construction work can be accompanied by disorders or defects. Given the complexity of the construction law, it is preferable to be assisted by a lawyer to preserve or guarantee his rights. Do not hesitate to contact us  for further information !


Tenant rental litigation

Coping with an inconsiderate tenant or bad payer, it is strongly within the interest of the landlord to solicit a lawyer to undertake the necessary steps. The same applies for the tenant confronted with a landlord who charges undue amounts. Your lawyer in Strasbourg in real estate law is regularly demanding for this type of litigation as obtained favorable decisions on behalf of tenants or landlord.


Challenging building permits

Construction law has become such a complex matter that it is crucial to be advised by a legal professional in order to fix a strategy for challenging a building permit.


Neighbourhood disputes

Once the dialogue is not sufficient any more to find a solution, it may be necessary to contact a lawyer to unblock the situation. Outline your neighbourhood dispute to us and we will rapidly come back to you.

Your lawyer is your partner !

Your lawyer in France in real estate law and construction accompanies you in all legal aspects of your heritage.