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A multidisciplinary firm listenning to your needs

Are you in France looking for a lawyer ?

The firm was founded in 2004. Currently our team is made of three lawyers, and two assistants.

Ever since its creation the firm has continuously grown pushed by the demand and need for legal advice from clients coming from France, other parts of Europe and the United State of America – who appreciate being able to count on a multidisciplinary and human-sized law firm.

The location of the office in Strasbourg, seat of the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights reflects the international orientation of the firm.

Turned to youth and the community, we collaborate as teachers with Strasbourg University (IUT)

Different members of our team have participated in the past as speakers at various conventions.

The lawyers of the Firm GOFFIN VAN AKEN

Lawyers in Strasbourg to defend your rights !

Our will: establish a privileged customer relationship

One line of conduct :

  • availability,
  • listenning,
  • communication in the client’s language,
  • high level of requirement,
  • pragmatism and proactiveness,
  • reply to emails within 24h,
  • Manageable cost.

Ever since GOFFIN VAN AKEN law firm was founded we follow the same approach of our activity: A high level of accuracy and perfection in order to find and realise pragmatic solutions in the client’s interest.

Based on mutual understanding and confidence, we are focussed on our clients and involve them in every step of the proceeding, be it a decision to be taken rapidly or rather a strategic, long-term decision.

Innovating, exploring, making the client’s interest our own, executing and explaining in a comprehensive language and appealing to common sense are values that describe our way of exercising our profession

For each customer, we are hence committed to :

Proceed a full and complete analysis of the case: your lawyer has to know all circumstances of the affair, facts and personalities of the persons involved, company practices etc. in order to find the best possible solution.

We are available in order to establish a real relationship of trust :

  • Reply to e-mails within 24 hours,
  • Availability by phone during office hours,
  • Communication in the client’s language lient,
  • Meeting at our offices, or upon request at the client’s place.

Finding pragmatic solutions is our strength together with a partnership-like relationship with the client confirmed by :

  • Detailed propositions in order to facilitate the decision-making that are not limited to theoretic legal discussions,
  • Workable propositions based on experience, legal creativity and permanent monitoring of new rules and case law.

Manageable and estimated costs: The client receives detailed information of our rates at the beginning of the mandate. GOFFIN VAN AKEN law firm takes into account the specificities of each case and is able to adjust and customize the costs accordingly.

F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions)

You don’t find the answer to your question, contact us !

We do not work with legal aid. In order to know which lawyers accept legal aid matters, please contact the Ordre des avocats.
You may bring all documents appearing to be linked to the matter. Your lawyer will retain those he considers being important in order to act advantageously. If necessary he may also ask for additional documents.
If the client does not want to go beyond the first appointment, the lawyer is authorised to bill the appointment, at rate between EUR 250 and 350 plus VAT. If the client wishes to mandate the lawyer in accordance with what has been discussed, the time spent on the first appointment will be included in the fee advance which will be sent out upon the opening of the file.
The time frame depends on the complexity of the matter, generally a first appointment takes between one and three hours. At the end your lawyer should be able to provide you with a global summary of the strategy he will adopt with regard to your affair.
You should be able to rely for all facts on a written document (letter, mail, administrative decision, agreement, etc.). Your lawyer might request additional documents during the course of the affair should he consider such documents necesseray for the defence of your interests.
In order to prepare the first appointment, we kindly ask to first send us an e-mail setting out clearly and objectively the facts of the matter you would like to confer to us. This will allow your lawyer – being informed of the facts beforehand – to structure the first appointment and to focus the discussions on the essential questions.

More than 1 000 clients adviseddefendedsatisfied by our law firm in Strasbourg