Lawyer in business law in France

Lawyer in business law in France

Are you looking for a lawyer specialized in business law in France ? Our firm accompanies you and advises you throughout your company’s life cycle.

A business lawyer is a valuable asset to the business manager. Indeed, in legal professional and with an external eye, the latter knows how to provide right advice in order to anticipate a possible litigation. Your lawyer also directs you to make the best decisions in terms of growth opportunities. A lawyer in business law that also accompanies the company throughout its development to represent and defend it in court.


Corporate Liability

The law firm advise in company law disputes which involve issues relating their civil or criminal liability.

Examples of cases in which the firm intervened :

  • The defence of a waterway transport company undertaking for damage caused by unloading the goods.
  • assistance from a cement tube manufacturing company: one of its customers questioned the quality of its products.


Business activity

The law firm can advise in your chosen company strategy’s. Next to you to provide bring solid responses for all legal matters associated to your company :

  • Drafting of contracts and representation in court in case of conflicts in relation to commercial leases.
  • Adjustment of the company’s activities due to new legal frameworks.
  • Drafting and revision of distribution contracts (concession, franchise, cooperation, commercial agents).


Protection from unfair competition and counterfeiting

The law firm GOFFIN VAN AKEN law firm regularly defends clients against unfair competitors.


Collection of debt

The law firm GOFFIN VAN AKEN law firm regularly represents clients in relation to non-paying debtors, using mostly summary court proceedings in order to obtain a quick condemnation. We act rapidly and if necessary, we request protection measures to be taken, if the collection should be in danger. The client receives advice and assistance throughout the whole proceeding and collection of the funds.


Financial difficulties and insolvency – Takeover

1. Takeover of assets of liquidated companies

We advise and assist companies upon the takeover of assets of liquidated companies.

2. Safeguard of creditors’ rights

The law firm GOFFIN VAN AKEN law firm regularly requests protection measures to be taken in the interest of creditors of companies subject of a failure to pay proceeding (liquidation, reorganization or creditor proceeding) :

  • Filing of claims ;
  • Reclaiming of goods delivered under a conditional sales contract ;
  • Challenging rejections of claims ;
  • Safeguarding measures.

3. Representation of companies

We also represent companies having financial difficulties. Our team help you find the best possible solution for your situation. Don’t hesitate to contact us !

Your lawyer is your partner !

Your lawyer in business law in France accompanies you in all legal aspects of the life of your company.