Frequently Asked Questions

We do not work with legal aid. In order to know which lawyers accept legal aid matters, please contact the Ordre des avocats.
The time frame depends on the complexity of the matter, generally a first appointment takes between one and three hours. At the end your lawyer should be able to provide you with a global summary of the strategy he will adopt with regard to your affair.
If the client does not want to go beyond the first appointment, the lawyer is authorised to bill the appointment, at rate between EUR 250 and 350 plus VAT. If the client wishes to mandate the lawyer in accordance with what has been discussed, the time spent on the first appointment will be included in the fee advance which will be sent out upon the opening of the file.
In order to prepare the first appointment, we kindly ask to first send us an e-mail setting out clearly and objectively the facts of the matter you would like to confer to us. This will allow your lawyer – being informed of the facts beforehand – to structure the first appointment and to focus the discussions on the essential questions.
You may bring all documents appearing to be linked to the matter. Your lawyer will retain those he considers being important in order to act advantageously. If necessary he may also ask for additional documents.
You should be able to rely for all facts on a written document (letter, mail, administrative decision, agreement, etc.). Your lawyer might request additional documents during the course of the affair should he consider such documents necesseray for the defence of your interests.